You have the right to have all of your personal or your children's data used in our application and our partners' services (purchase payments, in-app ad views, etc.) deleted. Please note that if you choose to delete the data, your user account will be permanently deleted and cannot be restored. However, you will have the option to start the game over from Level 1.

Under the California Consumer Privacy Act, California residents have the right to opt-out of the sale of personal information. Opting out does not mean that you will stop seeing all ads.

You can also request the deletion of data received from third parties/platforms. However, in doing so, you may lose access to certain functions provided by those third parties/platforms, although your account will not be deleted.

Data deletion procedure:

  1. Go to the in-game Settings and select "Delete Account". (Please note that the exact location may vary depending on the game.)
  2. After acknowledging the warning related to data deletion, if you still wish to proceed with the deletion, provide your consent and follow the instructions.
  3. In the pop-up window, request the complete deletion of personal data or data received from third parties/platforms, and submit the request.

Please be aware that this procedure is irreversible. Make your decision carefully.